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Born April 24, 1950, to the late Raymond and Carletha Faison in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Apostle Faison attended the Church of God and True Holiness (COGATH) his childhood years under the leadership of Bishop John Kennon. He graduated from Goldsboro High School and soon after relocated to Cleveland, Ohio.  He later moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he was baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost in 1968 and faithfully served under the leadership of Elder Carl Pendleton.


In June of 1969, Apostle Faison married the love of his life; his one and only wife, Edith Pendleton Faison.  To this union six children were added.  His family supports and works with him in the ministry; they often travel with him to convocations and ministry engagements.


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Apostle Faison showed himself trustworthy and faithful early in his walk with Christ and was appointed to serve in many positions with both COGATH and the Alliance of Apostolic Churches of Christ Jesus (AACCJ), an apostolic affiliation of which our late Chief Apostle A.E. Dixon, Sr. was one of the founding members. He served as the Youth President for both COGATH and the AACCJ until he reached the age restriction and was then appointed as the Youth Advisor.  He has served as the Devotional Leader, Church Pianist, Choir Director, Sunday School Superintendent and as a Deacon. 

Apostle Faison served faithfully as a Brother, a Deacon, a “Preaching Deacon”, a Minister, an Elder and a Bishop in the Churches of God and True Holiness.  In June 2009, he was consecrated and ordained as an Apostle.  In June 2010, he was elected to serve as 2nd Vice Prelate over The Churches of God and True Holiness Organization and in July of 2010, he was appointed to the Board of the AACCJ. 


In June 2017, Apostle Faison was elected to serve as the Presiding Prelate of The Churches of God and True Holiness, Inc.  Apostle Faison continues to faithfully serve and preach the unadulterated Word of God.  He is loved by his church family from the youngest to the oldest. Apostle Faison always makes time for his flock and goes above the call of duty. He is a faithful follower of Christ and a true leader to the churches that God has entrusted to him. Apostle Faison always followed the motto often used by our late Chief Apostle A.E. Dixon, “A Holy Life is the Best Life”.  This is something he continues to instill in the church today.  His “million dollar” smile is contagious and if asked how he is doing, you’ll see that smile and hear him say “Fantastic or Fantabulous”! 

Apostle Faison attended the Fredericksburg Secretary School, the Fredericksburg Bible Institute and T.H.A.S., where he received his DD degree; he also received a continuous education certificate. Apostle Faison was featured in the newspaper in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas and was given a Certificate of Humanity from a National Editor in Washington, DC for his contribution to mankind and the society. He founded and organized a Youth Summer Camp for COGATH, teaching the youth about life and work ethics.  He has always had a heart for young people and only wants to see them prosper in life both spiritually and naturally. 


While serving as a Deacon, Apostle Faison was commissioned to Fair Bluff, North Carolina, to assist the local church after the death of their Pastor.  Apostle Faison later acknowledged the call of God on his life to become a Minister.  He was later installed as the Pastor of the church in North Carolina and also in Fredericksburg, VA. For many years, Apostle Faison, his wife and children traveled between the two churches every month all while he was working a fulltime job with United Parcel Service (UPS).  After 25 years of outstanding service on the job, he retired in 2000.  He mirrored Colossians 3:23 with his work ethics and commitment to the company; so much so that when he retired he was treated like royalty.  A benefit, the local UPS facility, never bestowed upon anyone before or after him, to this date.

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