Presiding Prelate

Apostle Raymond Faison, Jr. was born to the late Raymond

and Carletha Faison in Goldsboro, North Carlina on April

 24, 1950. Bishop Faison is the third of four children.

Under the leadership of Bishop John Kennon, Bishop

Faison attended the Chrurch of God and True Holiness

all of his youth years. Bishop Faison attended and

graduated from Goldsboro High School. After finishing

high school, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio. He later

relocated to Fredericksburg, Virginia where he

received the Holy Ghost in 1968 and served under

the leadership of Elder Carl Pendleton. Bishop Faison

has been married to the love of his life, his one and

only wife, Edith Pendleton Faison for the past 40 years.

To this union six children were born, 3 boys and 3 girls;

and 3 grandchildren. Five of the six children and all of

the grandchildren are filled with the Holy Ghost and working

close beside him in church.Bishop Faison was always willing

to work and serve the church. He was the main devotion leader

and the church pianist. In 1972, he was ordained a Deacon in

1972. He later became the choir director and under his direction,

the choir was known as the best vocal choir in the immediate and

surrounding areas. In his years as serving as a Deacon and Choir

Director, Bishop Faison attended the Fredericksburg Secretary School

and the Fredericksburg Bible Institute. In his pursuit of continuous

spiritual education, he also received a continuous education certificate

and is currently enrolled in classes from T.H.A.S. Bishop Faison served

as the Youth President for the True Holiness Organization until he

reached the required retired age. He also served as the Youth President for the A.A.C.C.J until the required retired age. Bishop Faison served as the Sunday School Superintendent for his local church and as the Deacon Facilitator for the A.A.C.C.J. Bishop Faison was called a young man role model on his job in the early 80's because of the blessing of the Lord and what Jesus allowed people to see. He was featured in the biggest newspaper in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas and was given a Certificate of Humanity from a National Editor in Washington, DC for his contribution to mankind and the society. While continuing to serve as a Deacon, Bishop Faison was sent to Fair Bluff, North Carolina to assist the church and help it stay established years after the death of their Pastor. Bishop Faison later acknowledged the call of God on His life to become a Minister. He was later installed as the Pastor of the church in North Carolina. For many years (and still today), Bishop Faison traveled between the churches. During his first years of traveling back and forth, the church in Fair Bluff had one Holy Ghost filled mother and her four sons as members until God added to the church. The church in Fair Bluff had no lights, no running water, an outhouse for the bathroom and you could look up (while standing inside the building) and see the sky and look down and see the ground. Bishop Faison eventually tore the building down and services were held in the living room of the faithful Mother's house while the new sanctuary was being built. God has allowed us to outgrow this building and we are currently looking to build again.

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